Why IV Is More Effective Than Oral Supplements

  • October 12, 2022

IV therapy offers many advantages over taking oral supplements. The IV administers your supplements directly into the bloodstream, whereas oral supplements can come in many forms. Vitamins and minerals are available as capsules, extracts, pills, tablets, liquids, powders, drinks, and even gummies. But all oral supplements have to get absorbed through the digestive system before they can enter your bloodstream.

Higher Absorption Rate

Whether you take capsules or powders, your oral vitamin and mineral supplements must pass through the digestive tract. Every part of your digestive system, including your mouth, esophagus, stomach, and intestines, contributes to breaking down the supplement and extracting what the body needs. Bacteria, enzymes, and your digestive hormones all play an important role.

If your digestive system isn’t working optimally or you’re not taking the supplements in the right combination for optimum absorption, your cells may not get the nourishment you expect. With IV therapy, you bypass the digestive system entirely and get the vitamins and minerals you need directly administered into your bloodstream. This leads to a much higher rate of absorption.

IV Treatment Works Faster

With IV therapy, your cocktail of vitamins and minerals can reach your bloodstream instantly. It doesn’t take hours for the supplements to pass through your digestive system, where some of them may not even get absorbed. Through IV therapy, your vitamins and minerals get absorbed and used right away. That’s why you may feel better instantly after your IV treatment.

Overall Health Boost

Many people regularly take vitamin and mineral supplements without noticeably feeling any different. It could be a combination of factors that lead to this. Many oral supplements don’t use high-quality vitamins and minerals. Sometimes, the absorption is hindered when you take the supplement incorrectly, such as with food, instead of on an empty stomach.

If you’re vitamin deficient, you may also need a much higher dose to see any results than what you would get through a multivitamin oral supplement. IV therapy can provide the health boost you need.

Fewer Potential Side Effects

With IV therapy, you may not notice as many side effects. Some oral supplements can make acid reflux worse or cause an upset stomach. Since IV therapy bypasses the digestive system entirely, it won’t aggravate your stomach lining and help you get the nutrients you need.

Instant Re-Hydration

If you’re dehydrated, IV therapy will instantly re-hydrate you. Besides receiving much-needed vitamins and minerals, you’ll get a boost of fluids that can help you feel better immediately. Dehydration is a serious problem because many people simply don’t consume enough water during the day.

Easier Than Swallowing Pills

Kids are notorious for not being able to swallow pills, but a lot of adults feel the same way. It’s not uncommon for people to start an oral supplement regime only to stop because it’s uncomfortable to swallow pills. It’s not just about taking one pill a day. To get all the minerals and nutrients you need, you may need to take different pills throughout the day. With an IV drip, you can get all your nutrients within a short amount of time without having to gulp down big pills or bad-tasting drinks.

Personalized Results

IV therapy allows you to personalize your supplementation. It's difficult to sort through the labels of the vitamin supplements and understand what it is you need at what dosage. But your IV therapy can be customized to fit your specific health and medical needs, getting you the results you deserve.

Administered by Licensed Professionals

With IV therapy, you’re not on your own, trying to figure out how much to take and when. When you receive IV vitamin therapy, it all happens under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional. We monitor your progress from start to finish, and you get to decide which vitamins and minerals you want to receive.

IV Therapy Is More Effective Than Taking Oral Supplements

A vitamin drip may cost more than oral supplements, but the advantages are well worth it. You receive the right combination of nutrients you need, directly administered into your bloodstream, where your body can use them. If you’re interested in using IV therapy to boost your immune system and reverse vitamin and mineral deficiencies, use our contact form to get in touch.

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